Cities I grew up in

San Francisco. D.C. Taipei. Los Angeles. San Diego. NYC

Shirley Yang

I used to feel like a walking paradox – engineering grad to social media person, entrepreneur by heart working at big companies – until now. I realize it’s all a process leading to what I’m meant to do. One of the best lessons here is finding happiness in the pursuit, instead of the other way around.



Currently I am the Vice President of Social Strategy at StyleHaul where I oversee our global social media strategy encompassing 6,000+ content creators in 63 countries. My recent focus has been creating online trends and movements and activating digital influencers for targeted awareness. Our team has crafted multi-platform campaigns for major consumer brands including L’OREAL, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, and Amazon, with a focused audience of millennial women. Prior to the digital influencer space, I have spent 10 years in digital strategy, owning audience growth and product development for Fox, Sony, Audible (Amazon), and NBC.


I am passionate about the potential of technology for positive change and progress. I am a startup mentor at Entrepreneur Roundtable Accelerators in New York, and am an active member in women inspiring change organizations.