Advertising on Emerging Platforms: Social TV + Tablets + Mobile

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Yesterday 212NYC Interactive Advertising Club hosted Emerging Platforms: Growing market of video, on-demand TV, tablets & mobile panel event at the New York Times Building in Time Square.

Host: Ed Wise, VP of Ad Sales, Funny or Die
Main Sponsor: TubeMogul, a video advertising platform
Moderator: Paul Kontonis, Chair of International Web Television
Panelists: Michael Arden, VP of Digital Buying from Digitas, Mitch Weinstein, Director of Ad Operations at Universal McCann, Bonin Bough, VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Kraft Foods, and Trevor Guthrie Director at OMD / Ignition Factory East

Some Takeaways:

Convergence: when asked about the topic on platform convergence, there’s no doubt the companies represented by the panelists have already begun necessary adjustments towards this phenomena. When marketing a brand on a publisher’s platform, advertisers think of ways to extend TV contracts and price points to include online and mobile video. Mitch Weinstein said, “we no longer have platform separated teams, but have teams for different brands. These teams work on buying and planning digital video on all platforms.” However, an obstacle exists that hinders the momentum of convergence, Bonin Bough expressed, “Not enough buyers are pushing for truly convergent deals. We need to do convergent planning and day parting on mobile: plan the right times to advertise on each platform.”

Measurement for Success: this continues to be defined as weighted components keep changing, user behaviors become more complex and new technologies are introduced. There is no set of metrics brands and advertisers abide to for arenas outside of traditional broadcasting. Mike Arden said, “we’ve been looking at doing Connected TV with MMM (Mixed Media Modeling), and it’s been difficult to measure emerging Platforms. We’re trying to model by looking at existing channels.” Bonin brought up Bluefin Labs, who provides metrics on social TV and tells you if your content is spiking in social conversations. This helps Bonin and his company optimize content based on social signal.

Where does Social fit in: some social TV products brought up by our panelists include TV Dinner and ShowYou. It’s interesting to see how advertisers are going to react to user behaviors such companies allow, for example, throwing content from your tablet to your TV. This redefines the meaning of “On-Demand” content. Trevor Guthrie said his company thinks about ways to make social “natural”. His company built a real life MLB Sports billboard on the side of a street and when you check-in to their ad on foursquare, it drops a baseball from the billboard. This was their way of using social to merge traditional and new media platforms.

Advertisers, brands, and publishers are all embracing the emergence and convergence of new digital platforms. However, we need to continuously work on a better grasp and definition of measurement for success as well as be cautious not to repurpose what we know works on one platform and simply replicate it across others. That said, there are huge scales of public testing for creative advertising where we test and learn, learn and lean towards customized creatives for the different platforms.


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    You’ve hit the ball out the park! Incredbile!

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