Best Social Media Moments of Inauguration 2013 (some serious…some not)

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The 2013 Inauguration ceremony took place on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Jan 21, 2013. “The timing represented a unique opportunity for Obama, who is still negotiating his role as a “post-racial” black leader, to show African-Americans that he remains focused on issues of inequality.” – NBC New York

Here are some highlights of the event on social media earlier today:


“Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated the same as everyone else under the law” – Barack Obama


An estimate of 500K people from all over the country were at the event today, people of all ages participated in the historical event.


Yes, there were a lot of people


MLK was being remembered and quoted throughout the ceremony


Beyonce & Kelly Clarkson each performed and got photobombed:


An interesting piece of info about Lincoln was shared:


We cannot forget the station camera crews that made Inauguration streaming coverage possible:


Look who Wendy from NBC Washington found!


Of course, zeebox activity was through the roof! Though behind the Golden Globes from last Sunday evening.


And finally, some quick Twitter stats on the 2013 Inauguration:

Also checkout: NBC News Inauguration Social Gallery Real-time view of inauguration photos shared via tweets and Instagrams.

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