Google, Facebook 2013 Top Trends Tell Us We Mostly Care About Important Things Afterall

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One of my favorite types of data is aggregation data. It helps a storyteller draw insights from key metrics to paint an overall picture. Taking a look at Google's and Facebook's 2013 top trends tells us what people were most interested in, and serves as a very high-level recap of some significant news topics in 2013. Note ...

CNBC #TwitterRevolution Screening

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CNBC hosted a screening for the #TwitterRevolution documentary film at 30 Rock yesterday. The hour-long show premiers Wednesday, August 7, 9p ET/PT on CNBC. It examines how Twitter has transformed the way everyday people, journalists, activists, politicians and big brands communicate. Narrations from the host, Carl Quintanilla, talks about people reporting and discovering breaking news ...

Felicia Day hosted the 2013 Shorty Awards

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The fifth annual Shorty Awards was held Monday night at the Times Center in New York. Hosted by actress Felicia Day, the event honors top short-form content creators on popular social media platforms. Checkout my article on NBC New York!     Here's George Takei's Shorty Awards Acceptance Speech for Distinguished Achievement in Internet Culture:

Collective Bias Uses Social Influence to Engage Shoppers, Not Banner Ads

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Image source: As brands explore the plethora of ways to advertise their products using social media, we see an increased market behavior: website banners and sponsor advertising dollars are still spent, however, companies are dialing up their investments in two-way conversations with consumers by hiring community managers, being more personable, and sometimes featuring real customers ...

The New Pope and Social Media

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White smoke came out of the conclave's stove today and the Vatican announces Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina as the new Pope. He will take the name Pope Francis I, he is the first Jesuit, first South American, and first pope named Francis. Source: NBC News Web Reactions Social media feeds were filled with pope chatter, ...

SXSW Day 3: Rachel Maddow, Cory Booker, Leap Motion, Mashable and Twitter Parties

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Rachel Maddow The featured session for SXSW Interactive Day 3 was A Conversation with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. The conversation started on a serious tone, Rachel talked about her new book, Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power. She talked about how the U.S. became a nation that frequently sends its military to war in remote areas ...

Google+ Hangouts as Live Events for Social Media Week 2013

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Photo Credit: Hugo Leung One big difference between Social Media Week 2012 and 2013 is the amount of Google+ Hangouts hosted this year. Google+ Hangouts has been a hit with brands and publications when it comes to hosting live discussions with viewer participation. Great example leading this format is HuffPost Live. What's also impressive is ...

Best Vine Videos so far

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Finally something else became more popular than Beyonce's Inauguration lip-sync story in social media yesterday:  Vine is now the official Twitter video app where users can take up to 6 seconds of video and share to Twitter and Facebook. The vine videos in my social stream remind me of making macaroni art when we were ...

Best Social Media Moments of Inauguration 2013 (some serious…some not)

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The 2013 Inauguration ceremony took place on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Jan 21, 2013. "The timing represented a unique opportunity for Obama, who is still negotiating his role as a "post-racial" black leader, to show African-Americans that he remains focused on issues of inequality." - NBC New York Here are some highlights of the event ...