Google for Entrepreneurs

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Google officially launched Google for Entrepreneurs, the umbrella for all Google programs and partnerships around the world supporting startups and entrepreneurs. Currently, there are 50 different efforts across 30 countries. Some partnerships include Startup Weekend: a 54-hour program where participants work through the weekend and launch companies on Sunday night. Women Entrepreneurs on the web: ... Changing the World through Videos

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Last month, our world became a little more connected. launched on May 2, 2012, it's a non-profit organization that promotes awareness for real world problems through media. Travelers, filmmakers, activists and social organizations share true stories happening around the world to create this humanitarian media hub. As Amy Schrier, Founder of puts it, ... Your Curated News Social Network

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Many companies are now trying to solve the problem of users experiencing content overload whether from popular social networking sites, the media, or your friends' constant check-ins and tweets by curating content, qualifying and repackaging them in an easier digestible format. One such company's product I recently checked out is It grooms through your ...

The Social Radio is Like Your Twitter Mix Tape

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I got hooked on audiobooks while working at Audible, aside from providing a different way to ingest content, they make train rides and falling asleep easier. Recently, I discovered The Social Radio, it reads your Twitter feeds out loud along with music in the background, like a Twitter mix tape. The "stations" on your Social ...

Startups: Sonar

By Saturday, December 31, 2011 0 No tags Permalink Product Description: While you're out in a public space, Sonar attempts to answer the question "Who do I know here?" Once a user checks-in, Sonar displays a list of all users that have checked-in to the same venue as well as any shared connections you have with them via Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn. Description on iTunes: ...

Startups: UPlanMe

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[caption id="attachment_222" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Image from:"] Product Description: My first encounter with UPlanMe was through UrbanDaddy's newsletter New York edition, calling it "The Pandora of Calendars". It describes: "Introducing UPlanMe, a self-aware smart calendar that’ll constantly evolve to meet your extracurricular scheduling needs, available now in private beta." UPlanMe is a service that provides events suggestions based ...