CES 2013 Qualcomm’s Buzzy Keynote

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Day 1 at CES 2013 and instead of the usual keynote made by Microsoft, Qualcomm took the stage with a much more eccentric/weird/surreal approach. Coining the phrase “Generation M”, 3 actors were on stage representing 3 types of young mobile users: The Gamer, The Entrepreneur, and The Socialite. Their dialog boasted what it means to be born mobile.

With surprise appearances by Steve Ballmer, Big Bird, Alice Eve from Star Trek, an all electric Rolls Royce, and Maroon 5, Qualcomm’s keynote buzzed up quite a publication storm for opening day.

Here’s a straight-forward and humorous curation of the event by The Verge: http://www.theverge.com/2013/1/8/3850056/qualcomms-insane-ces-2013-keynote-pictures-tweets

The Socialite:

The Gamer:

The Entrepreneur:


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