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CNBC hosted a screening for the #TwitterRevolution documentary film at 30 Rock yesterday. The hour-long show premiers Wednesday, August 7, 9p ET/PT on CNBC. It examines how Twitter has transformed the way everyday people, journalists, activists, politicians and big brands communicate. Narrations from the host, Carl Quintanilla, talks about people reporting and discovering breaking news through Twitter as well as the dark side and cruelty that exists on the popular social platform due to its raw and unfiltered nature.

The film starts with Carl’s interview with Janis Krums, a passenger riding on the ferry who tweeted a photo of a US Airway plane that crashed into the Hudson river, known as the “Miracle on Hudson“, to his 170 followers on Twitter. His followers retweeted him, shared the image to thousands more and was picked up by news media. That was 2009, an example of ordinary people breaking news.

The film continues to examine many ways people use Twitter that caught the world’s attention: the Boston Bombing, how the NBA and its players communicate with fans, how businesses and celebrities (featuring William Shatner) capitalize in 140 characters, and the cruelty of Twitter – how Torrington High School students talked about the 13 year old rape victim.

Carl also talks to Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s Founder and Dick Costolo, Twitter’s CEO about how the idea started and the platform’s transformation into his envisioned “global town square”. If it’s any indication from the #TwitterRevolution hashtag usage so far and Nielsen’s latest study on the relationship between TV ratings & Twitter chatter were true, we are looking at an exciting show premiere tonight.

The screening was kicked-off by Brian Steel from CNBC followed by a quick panel including: Heidi Moore from the Guardian, Melissa Brenner from NBA, Christina Warren from Mashable, and Matthew Knell from


Here are some fun tweets from last night’s screening:





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