Developing for Nokia with Windows 7 Phone – Mobile Monday Event

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Last night, Mobile Monday NY @MobileMondayNY held their March event at the Canal Room in Soho, NYC. With Nokia as the sponsor, developers showed off their Windows 7 apps and Nokia raffled a few winner of CES Best Smartphone Lumia 900 phones.

Roughly 150 attendees in the mobile industry mingled by the open bar and listened to presenters on stage showcase their apps. Some interesting people I met:

Bill Craig from MobileHealthTech talked to me about the different RFID mobile payment technologies out there and how his company’s product is different from Google Wallet. John Kneeland @SirKneeland, Community Engagement Evangelist of Nokia, flew in from Sunnyvale and talked to me about the tech initiatives and user engagement projects Nokia is working on in developing countries around the world. Chance Arrington @chansearrington, head of Developer & Content Marketing for Nokia, was one of the main organizers of the night, really stirred the crowd right with his big personality.

One of the highlights of the night: a friend of mine, and ex-coworker at Audible @audible_com, Douglas Hwang @douglashwang got the chance to present the new Audible app for WP7 at the event. Love that he chose the book: Go the F–k to Sleep, narrated by Samuel L. Jackson to demo. Great job by Doug, you make us proud! And here’s the video:

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