Evry Lets You Make Plans with Friends and Not Get Stuck with the Bill

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Evry’one has experienced being the one in their social group that planned all the group activities. This ‘Planner’ takes on responsibilities of doing research, putting down deposits, hassling friends for RSVPs and very importantly, collecting money. But what happens when people “forgot to bring cash” or don’t tell you if they can make it until the very last minute?

Evry aims to solve your planner woes by combining an event planning platform with a peer to peer payment system. Their “threshold” system for collecting payments lets you set a total dollar amount for the event or number of people that is needed in order for the event to happen. You can also set the deadline for RSVPs to correspond to the payment date.

For example, if you want to reserve a table at a bar and split the cost between five friends, you set the threshold to five attendees and input the price per person in the planning dashboard. As your friends RSVP to the event, their credit cards are authorized but not charged until the fifth person joins the activity. The event is a go only if the threshold is reached. As a result, the planner is not stuck with the bill, and the guests don’t pay for an event that doesn’t happen.

By facilitating payment etiquette for group activities, Evry helps eliminate those awkward moments that come along with asking friends to pay you back. And those amazing plans you have are closer to becoming reality as friends are financially committed to them. Vanessa Dawson, Founder of Evry, tells me the site has gained lots of traction since its launch last month. Most recent signups revolved around the upcoming share house season. Intramural sports leagues have also been signing up to use the platform as the summer approaches. Other examples for using Evry could be for buying concert tickets, dinner parties, group gifting, group vacations, etc. Evry is currently on desktop only.


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