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What to do tonight? Facebook launched “Suggested Events” in place of the previous “Friends’ Events” tab. The suggested events are generated based on your check-ins at different venues: bars, restaurants, events, etc. Facebook collects the FB pages, artists, and performers you like to include in Suggested Events. Although Facebook is still testing out this feature, it has already been rolled out to the entire user base.

From a product perspective, users are more likely to attend Facebook suggested events than events suggested by other event promotional websites/apps such as GenieMobile, UPlanMe, MetroGnome, etc. because Facebook has tons of data on your social behavior and history that other sites don’t. It also shows which of your friends have already RSVP’d to each event and tells you if you’ve checked-in to the venue/event previously.

Many users wonder: Can Facebook incorporate Foursquare check-ins to how it produces event suggestions? According to TechCrunch, FB is working on improving recommendations for those that check-in with Foursquare or do not share their location using open graph apps.

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