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Google officially launched Google for Entrepreneurs, the umbrella for all Google programs and partnerships around the world supporting startups and entrepreneurs. Currently, there are 50 different efforts across 30 countries. Some partnerships include Startup Weekend: a 54-hour program where participants work through the weekend and launch companies on Sunday night. Women Entrepreneurs on the web: an initiative aimed at helping women-owned businesses grow their online presence.

Sampling the Google for Entrepreneurs events page, you can find Startup Weekend in Ho Chi Minh City, Pittsburgh, and Morocco, Women Founder Friday Vancouver, Tech Bikers Paris to London, Google DevFest Washington DC, and Google for Entrepreneurs Dublin.

While promoting entrepreneurship, Google also provides its tools to the entrepreneurs early and becomes ingredients to their business and success. Mary Grove, Head of Global Entrepreneurship Outreach wrote in a blog post that their focus is threefold:

1) Partnerships with organizations that serve entrepreneurs in local communities
2) Google-led programs that give entrepreneurs access to talent and tools; and
3) Placing relevant Google tools in the hands of startups as they are get off the ground and scale.

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