Google+ Hangouts as Live Events for Social Media Week 2013

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Photo Credit: Hugo Leung

One big difference between Social Media Week 2012 and 2013 is the amount of Google+ Hangouts hosted this year. Google+ Hangouts has been a hit with brands and publications when it comes to hosting live discussions with viewer participation. Great example leading this format is HuffPost Live. What’s also impressive is the comments to the right of the video screen usually holds a steady active stream during the live programming.

SMW13 partnered with HuffPost Live to cover how “safeguarding free expression and an Open Internet is still a critical issue.”  The episode featured guests included: Jillian York of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Andrew Rasiej of Personal Democracy Forum, and Christine Chen of Google. Social Media week is also holding a Google+ Hangout contest this year, open to the community, where the winner gets a $5K prize! Topics of Hangouts range “from chatting about education with girls in underdeveloped nations, to cooking tortillas”, the winner will be crowdsourced, of course. Here is the list of 40 Hangouts chosen to participate in the contest.

Here are some conversations and promotions from various Google+ Hangouts during SMW13:

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