iOS 6 Passbook App Bug: Cannot Connect to iTunes

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I downloaded iOS 6 to my iPhone 4S yesterday when the new OS was released. While checking out the new features in iOS 6, I tapped on the new “Passbook” app on my home screen, then the “App Store” button, and I got the error message “Cannot connect to iTunes Store”. I got this error both on wifi and 4G. Apparently a lot of people had the same experience.

Here’s the solution for iPhones:

Go to Settings>General>Date and Time>Set Automatically>Off. Set the date one year ahead to 2013. Try to update the apps again from Passbook. The iTunes store should load this time. You can then go back to Settings and change it back to Set Automatically “On”.

Weird bug! And very blatant! But I’m glad there was a remedy.

Some other sites that talked about this:


  • briansr
    September 20, 2012

    it didnt work

    • admin
      September 20, 2012

      That’s weird… did you get the same error? This seems to be the solution out there right now.

      • Zaylin
        December 29, 2012

        It’s always a relief when someone with obvious exepritse answers. Thanks!

    • Tracy
      December 29, 2012

      Well done to think of sometihng like that

  • Jae Bradburd
    September 20, 2012

    Nice write up! Thank you for linking our Article section also!

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