Meet the Media with Brittany Earls, Bill Corbett and Christine Lagorio of Inc.

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Photo: Christine Lagorio, Executive Editor, Inc.; Brittany Earls, The Genesis Group; Bill Corbett, Corbett PR

I was very honored to join the panel for Meet the Media on Thursday, April 25th, presented by the Genesis Group. This is a monthly event hosted by Brittany Earls, Partner at the Genesis Group where attendees are business owners and developers, who pitch their businesses to the entrepreneur crowd and learn how to build successful media relationships through a series of Q&A with the media panel.

To attend Meet the Media, you must have an established business with developed products or services that are available for sale. The 60+ attendees that night were very diverse, including mobile developer Lineapple, that lets you check-in to appointments without waiting in line; Alzerina Gomes, a jewelry designer from West Africa who started her own jewelry line; Colleen Spencer, Founder of TruVoice Studios; Simon Clementi, Owner of Jarro Italian restaurant in Brooklyn; Gary Osborne, Founder of Oliver & Adelaide, who received thousands of Instagram followers in a matter of hours due to celebrities posting photos of their children wearing his baby clothing line. The eclectic group of business owners made the audience Q&A session a learning experience for all.

Joining me on the panel that night were Bill Corbett, President of Corbett PR, and Christine Lagorio, Executive Editor of Bill talked about when it’s best to have a marketing PR firm represent a business and when individuals can easily market themselves. He explained how to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool and by sounding like yourself instead of very “buttoned-up” in your profile is the better approach. He also emphasized the importance of having an intro video for products and services on business websites. And when it comes to sending a pitch or press release, make sure to be concise and straight to the point in the subject line.

Christine talked about how to build good relationships with journalists. She says, “remember there’s a human behind all this” when it comes to pitching stories. She also reminded the audience not to take things personal when a journalists doesn’t accept a write up; make sure to do research on the journalist and understand the topics they’re interested in covering before pitching.

I was fortunate to share with the audience one of my favorite subjects – using social media to promote businesses. Brittany asked me to share what tools and campaigns business owners can design on their own to grow an online following. My hope for the audiences’ biggest take away from my social talk is to identify who the main advocates are in your customer base, reward them for their loyalty, and have them be the sounding board for your business.

More info on Meet the Media and the Genesis Group can be found on their Facebook page here.


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  • Alzerina Gomes
    April 29, 2013

    It was great to meet Shirley Yang at meet the media last week.

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