Mobile Fashion Apps that Utilizes the Community for Your Styling Needs

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Fashion is a visual thing. So is mobile. A breed of fashion apps are utilizing the social discovery phenomena to help solve your fashion styling needs. These apps not only let you become a trendsetter when the community starts following your posts, but also help solve your styling questions when you receive comments on uploaded pictures of outfits. Ever feel like flipping pages of a magazine just for the pictures? Fashion apps like these are very visual and accomplish just that for you.


It’s like a “Hot or Not” for your clothes. Just post 2 clothing items side by side and Dapprly has the community vote which is better. This comes in handy when you can’t decide which dress/hat/shoes/bag, etc. to buy or which outfit to wear for a given occasion, the community can help chime in.


Unsure if that checkered shirt works under the sweater? Fashism is the app to save you. Just take a picture, ask your fashion question and see what others say. Simply ask “Does this work?” is fine, too. Fashism also has a team of fashion editors that picks out trendy looks in your newsfeed for you and the community to decide whether you “Love it” or ‘Hate it”.


Need a fashion wishlist? Every curated piece of clothing on Svpply has a “Buy” button and a “Want” button, where you can either buy direct from the retailer or save the item in a want list in the app. You can see other users who also wanted a same item as you, follow them, and discover other fashion items in their want list.

Go Try It On

The original concept of this app is for you to take a picture of yourself in an outfit and have your friends comment on it. While it still maintains that fundamental function, Go Try It On is also a great social discovery app where the “Style” section has curated fashion content based on trend. For example, discover what makes the perfect “baby doll” look or “Twirling in Tweed”.


Swaag is a very straight forward fashion discovery app. You upload a picture of an outfit or any fashion item and tag the designer/brand/store name so members of the community can go buy it if they like it. Swaag also has a “-VS-” section that lets you vote which outfit you like better compared side-by-side.


Very similar to Swaag with a more Pinterest style feel and less “street scene”, Pose elegantly lays out both curated and user generated fashion content for you to like, comment, share, or buy tagged items in pictures.


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