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Many companies are now trying to solve the problem of users experiencing content overload whether from popular social networking sites, the media, or your friends’ constant check-ins and tweets by curating content, qualifying and repackaging them in an easier digestible format. One such company’s product I recently checked out is It grooms through your Facebook and Twitter feeds, eliminates mindless day/life status updates and pulls the most relevant ‘news stories’. TechCrunch says the stories are filtered based on how many times they are shared and clicked on then curated based on signals from iPhone app helps smartphone news readers get high level and most popular content in your social network fast. You can add articles from tweets to your ‘Reading List’ to read later, like Instapaper. You can also ‘react’ to articles by leaving a comment or selecting from one of its presets: Ha!, Wow, Awesome, etc. You can follow your Twitter/FB friends on to see what they are reading and what news stories they have reacted to. One main idea is to share with a smaller, more intimate group of readers on than with a massive audience on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s a screenshot of the iPhone app. An interesting observation: one of my news feeds came from @ValleyGirlShow and the button for downloading their app fit perfectly in the news feed title, which made me tap on it to get the app on my phone. This would’ve most likely been missed in my Twitter feeds.

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