Private Event: AT&T & Nokia Limo Party + 230 Fifth Rooftop After Party

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[Photos: Alexis, AT&T; Kathy Garfield, 1000heads; Heidi, Head of Blogger Community Outreach, Techlicious; Billy Sorrells, MTV; Johan, MobilityMinded; Chaim Haas, SVP, Kaplow PR; Eddy,]

Yesterday I was invited by @SirKneeland to a dazzling private event for AT&T + Nokia to showcase their Best Phone of CES 2012, the Lumia 900 and for media personalities to party and mingle. Event invitees were picked up in a white Escalade stretch limo (@klyon19 thanks for the correction, it was indeed not a hummer limo), rolled around Manhattan with drinks, disco lights, and Lumia phones. I almost thought I was in Vegas. O and we picked up a few surprise guests along the way, including Billy Sorrells from MTV. #tag of the night: #ATTMobileReviewNY

Limo drop off at 230 Fifth, the party crew went up to the rooftop.
Some interesting people I met:

Heidi @c2cmom from Techlicious has a PR and media production background, and is now helping those non-super techies learn tech online. Kathy Garfield @kathygarfield from 1000heads agrees with me that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are by far her favorite Housewives. Rebecca Levey, Queen Bee at started YouTube for kids, by kids. Chaim Haas @chaimhaas, SVP of Tech, Emerging Media & Digital Strategy at Kaplow PR believes in investing in good talent as it reflects back on his work. Serko Artinian, @mobiledivide Digital Media & Film Production, also Curator & Producer of Johan van Mierlo @johnvanmierlo did a nice Lumia 900 review here. Jordan McClead, head of Mobile Technology at the University of Pennsylvania.

And the hosting crew of the night:

Jeb Brilliant @JebBrilliant, from the LBC who had a 6:30AM flight the next morning. He rescued my dying phone by giving me one of those awesome iPhone battery case chargers to keep. Adam Cohen, @dadarocks Director of Marketing & Events at J&R Jr. He’s a New York native and great event planner. Jimmy Lee @jjklee, Meredith Red @CSWMer, and the lovely Alexis, who was making everyone awesome drinks in the limo. Thanks guys for a fantastic evening, twas a night to remember!

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