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Product Description:

My first encounter with UPlanMe was through UrbanDaddy‘s newsletter New York edition, calling it “The Pandora of Calendars”. It describes: “Introducing UPlanMe, a self-aware smart calendar that’ll constantly evolve to meet your extracurricular scheduling needs, available now in private beta.”

UPlanMe is a service that provides events suggestions based on a user’s interest in music, sports, TV, shopping, nightlife, food, etc. On first beta signup, you need to answer a series of questions for UPlanMe to gauge what your interests are. As a signed-in user, you can also go to the “Interests” tab to “Unlock” offerings in different categories. Based on what you’ve unlocked, UPlanMe will populate the “Suggested Events” tab with upcoming events it thinks you’ll enjoy. For each suggested event, you have the option to “Add to my calendar”. Finally, you can find all events you’ve added under the “My Calendar” tab. Essentially the happy ending is: you now have a social/activities calendar based on UPlanMe suggestions.

The Goods:

  • There are lots of offerings listed under the interest categories for you to choose from. The “Music” tab seems to list every artist that ever existed!
  • UPlanMe has a database of 100,000+ events suggestions
  • You can share events you’ve added to your calendar on Facebook with friends
  • Easy access to see what you’ve already selected as current interests (current interests = recommendation criteria)
  • If it’s an event that requires ticket purchase, e.g. sporting events or concerts, there is an option to buy tickets and links you to tickets purchasing website

The Not-So-Goods:

  • Not enough Suggested Events for certain interests. For example, I have interest selections under every category, but my suggested events are only centered around sporting events.
  • The current layout makes it difficult for users to select interests as there are so many options. Unless you know the name and location of what you want to add to your interest, the current way to browse & select interests is to choose from listings of 0-9, A – Z. See screen shot below. Very few people will go past the first page or so.

Proposals for P2:

  • Sorting/Filtering for “My Interests” tab. Currently everything I’ve add to My Interests displays in one long list.
  • Better way for users to select interests
  • Add pictures of venues for Suggested Interests under the Interests tab
  • Need to develop a mobile app version

The Bottom Line:

The idea is great, but still needs work making the interest selection process more user friendly as well as producing more outcome varieties for suggested events. It would be interesting to see how 3rd party event suggestion products such as UPlanMe stand up to Facebook’s Suggested Events.

UPlanMe uses’s user feedback mechanism to get suggestions/ideas from their beta customers:

  • Sean
    January 4, 2012

    Thanks for the write-up. We agree with you fully on the interests tab and identifying relevant events. UPlanMe is currently in private beta so that we could receive constructive feedback from eager first-adopters. We are already in the process of rolling out several new features that will make the UPlanMe experience much more rewarding before we launch openly to the public. We’ll post back here with updates.

    • admin
      January 4, 2012

      Hi Sean, great to see UPlanMe is looking at product reviews from your customers! I look forward to your future updates and am happy to provide feedback then!

      – Shirley

  • UPlanMe
    January 23, 2012

    Hi – Last week UPlanMe rolled out several new features including the Discover Upcoming Events page and the My Events page. Here are more details on those new features. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated.

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