Once you go Songza, Hard to Go Back to Pandora

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I attended the NY Beta :: Future of Advertising Edition last week for Internet Week in NYC. So happy I did as I’ve discovered my alternative to Pandora and Spotify. The name is Songza, and their goal in life is to play you the right music at the right time. Currently offered on the web, your iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire.

Eric Davich, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Songza explains to me their streaming music service lets you create music playlists in a variety of ways, the most interesting being their “Music Concierge” feature. Instead of choosing songs to add to your playlist, you choose the time of day, your mood or activity and the Music Concierge will pick the best soundtracks that fit your preferences. For example, you can pick “It’s Saturday afternoon”, Play music for “Creating a Cool Atmosphere”, “Doing Housework”, “Feeling Confident”, etc. I also saw options for “Getting Lucky” and “Code Your Face Off”. I told Eric it kind of reminded me of the UrbanDaddy iPhone app, “Your Next Move”, where there’s a spin wheel of options you can choose from depending on who you’re with and your activities.

Songza creates music discovery opportunities under the “Popular” tab, where it shows you trending playlists for right now, this week and this year. Since you can login with FB, you can see who else is listening to the same playlists or what your friends are listening to. Unlike Pandora, there is no limit to how many hours of songs you listen to or number of skips you perform, also there are NO Ads!

I asked Eric why release on the Kindle Fire before releasing on iPad, it turns out they have close ties with the Amazon folks, their previous venture, Amie Street, was acquired by Amazon.com in 2010. Songza is backed by the same investors that were previously involved in Amie Street.

Songza currently has a 5 Star rating in the iTunes Appstore. If you download it, try out the Music Concierge, set the mood to “Pre-gaming with Friends” and the rest is just black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow… Pretty impressive stuff, Songza, keep up the great work guys!

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