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This Tuesday the TechCrunch NYC meetup officially happened at Bar 13 in lower Manhattan. Setup of the place was: photo booth machine and karaoke on the 1st floor, full bar, DJ, disco ball and “VIP” tables on the 2nd floor, then there’s the roof top. Total 3 levels of mingling, 1,500+ RSVPs, packed on every floor, including the roof, and it was raining.

Here are some interesting people and startups I met:

Sang Lee, Founder of Return on Change, talked to me about crowdfunding for startups. His company is a meeting place for innovators and investors, and it allows everyone to fund companies you believe in. The idea is to shape the future together. I asked him how this is different from Kick Starter and he says you actually get returns on your investment with Return on Change. Currently you can sign up on their website either as 1. Crowdfounder interested in funding innovation or 2. Startup driving innovation. I wonder what happens if someone wants to be both?

William Neely, CEO of PieceWise tells me his company is like open source for projects. Members of the community contribute to pieces of your project and their contribution are validated through community voting. Pieces of projects can be reused as templates for future similar projects. Sounded to me  projects could be of any nature, from building a website to planning a vacation. The idea is “big projects through little pieces”.

Members of the crew distributed the lovely “# me” t-shirts (not hashtag me, it’s pound me). They currently have 3 products: TopicTalk, GroupCall, and MobiCast. Their founder, Joel Schwartz demoed the TopicTalk app on his Android for me. The product is like chat roulette, you select a topic of interest and have 1 on 1 conversations with people who selected the same. You can hit next if the person bores you.

Steven Gutentag, Co-founder of Sitesimon, pronounced “site-Simon”, stands for “sites-I’m-on” came from BCG Consulting and invented the Internet assistant that aims to enhance personal content discovery through a browser sidebar. I wonder how sitesimon solves the problem of being looked at as an organized ads bar?

Fun event, TechCrunch! Pictures from the night:


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