Technology and the Search for Fulfillment

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Tony Robbins talked about in his Why We Do What We Do, that when it comes to humans it comes down to two things – and this has stuck with me ever since I first watched the TED talk – the Science of Achievement and the Art of Fulfillment. Science of Achievement is all the things we normally measure our career success with, how much money we make, our job, getting promotions, ability to afford a better house, etc. Art of Fulfillment is the appreciation and contributions we give along the way, specifically when we contribute beyond ourselves to a greater good and to something we believe is meaningful.


There are universal elements of fulfillment and the number one element is that we must grow. If we don’t grow, we won’t be fulfilled. The second is that you must contribute beyond yourself. If our goals only serve ourselves, then achieving our goals will only make us happy for a moment. But if your mission is to serve others, then not only will you leave a legacy of giving, but you will be more fulfilled in life. The point is this: What will make you fulfilled is to grow and to give.


I think this way of thinking has existed for a while and has been making more impact on us in more recent years with the rise of entrepreneurship, successful founders and companies reinvesting in education, technology and local communities. It also helps that one of the most idolized entrepreneurs of our time is setting examples through SpaceX and SolarCity, companies created on the basis for the future good and sustainability of mankind. The waitbutwhy article sites his starting point question of What will most affect the future of humanity? There are also countless female leaders rising to close the gender gap and subcultures and interest organizations encouraging communities to start their own businesses and create a future that is both powerful and meaningful.


Looking at this from a different angle, technology has been a huge underlying contributor where open platforms and easier communication around the globe enabled people to see we can make an impact on a greater scale more than we ever could before. Businesses arise around the On-Demand Economy, the Sharing Economy, and the Created with Economy, all of which taps into the reliance and impact on mass people.


This is exciting to me as I look at it as our opportunity to feed the endless search for fulfillment, we have the opportunity to create things while technology helps us deliver whether that it’s a message, a product, or a service potentially to mass audiences and affect people far beyond our inner circles. We grow and we give, and technology is the vehicle to help us scale.


One of my favorite things I saw recently is Jason Silva’s Redefine Billionaire project, he says “What if ‘Billionaire’ meant helping a billion people instead of making a billion dollars?” He challenges us all to think of what we can create to affect a BILLION people.

Individuals with technology now have the capacity to change the world in ways that governments and large corporations used to be able to do in the past, but we often don’t leverage what’s possible


What I’m trying to say is, we are in a fortunate time where technology can help us do good things greater, and hopefully help us along the journey of finding fulfillment.


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