The Social Radio is Like Your Twitter Mix Tape

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I got hooked on audiobooks while working at Audible, aside from providing a different way to ingest content, they make train rides and falling asleep easier. Recently, I discovered The Social Radio, it reads your Twitter feeds out loud along with music in the background, like a Twitter mix tape. The “stations” on your Social Radio are essentially your Twitter lists. If that’s not enough, there are also stations for What’s Trending, categorized by country. Currently the Social Radio is available via iOS, Android apps and desktop Web app (invite only).

I got a kick out of their iPhone app, especially when it was able to mix in my Pandora music while reading my “Twitter news”. Words from the tweets (though robotic) almost sounded like lyrics from songs playing in the background. The short form style in Twitter lends itself well to audio consumption as I find myself listening by keywords: listen with intent when I hear something interesting, listen as if it’s just music playing otherwise. Currently the Social Radio cannot ingest audio commands, it would be interesting to see it perform bookmark Tweets, RT, send link to email, etc. The Social Radio is also working on integrating with Facebook wall feeds.

More about the Social Radio: Article from The Next Web

  • David
    March 4, 2012

    Nice…will check this out!

  • Valerie De La Rosa
    March 5, 2012

    Just downloaded this app the other day. Quite surreal experience. I, too, have a soft spot for audiobooks – did a stint at Earful of Books ( merger) in college. I found myself wanting to read along with Social Radio playing in the background. Agree, would like to be able to voice-command certain tasks such as ‘Read later’ for Instapaper or ‘Favorite’ tweet. Look forward to seeing how Social Radio monetizes their platform.

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