WIMLink Women Leadership and Negotiation Event

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Last Thursday WimLink hosted an Advancing Women: Leadership Confidence and Negotiation event at the IAB Flatiron office in New York. Founder and Organizer Tania Yuki @taniayuki invited accomplished women in media and technology to sit on the panel. Panelists include: Sharon Feder, COO of Mashable; Laurel Touby, Founder of Mediabistro, startup Investor/Advisor and also host of CBS Interactive “Secrets of Successful Start-ups”; and Tania Lynn, Partner at Deloitte. The panel was moderated by Yao Hui Huang, Founder of The Hatchery.

About 150+ women in the media and tech industry attended. The evening started with a full-house of girls chit-chatting away, which you don’t see often in the tech and startup scene. Yao started off the panel with a strong opening, she said to the audience, “Do you know majority of college grads in the US is comprised of women? Yes, we are at 60%. And can you guess how many of us are sitting in the C-suites?” Scattered responses: “20 percent!”, “10 percent!”. Yao responded: only 5% are in the C-suites. She said, “In the work place, you always see boys have their boy clubs, why don’t women? Why don’t women help each other out like the men do?”

Some interesting takeaways from the panel:

Lorel started in journalism and realized her personality was best suited being an entrepreneur. She asked ‘who are the first borns’ from the audience and it turns out majority of us were. She also asked, “who’s here to become a better leader, better negotiator and be more confident?” followed by “As first borns, shouldn’t you already be all of those things?” Lorel shared her story about hosting media parties & events, and turning it into a business: Mediabistro.com, which she sold for 23MM.

Tania shared lessons learned from the journey of becoming Partner at Deloitte. She said, “think of yourself as a company, how is your marketing department doing? Are you communicating to your stakeholders/bosses your value?” Tania addressed the audience that it’s important to solicit support by reaching out to co-workers, share what you’re doing and asking them to support your efforts. This way you are known for what you’re doing and you have others backing you up.

Sharon from Mashable told her story from just joining the startup to becoming the COO of the popularly acclaimed news site. She talked about not being afraid to suggest new ideas/goals to higher-ups in the company. She shared that the New York office first started out in her apartment where they invited people over to write stories and people would bring their dogs along. It was fun and productive. And they have adopted this concept ever since. Here is Mashable’s dedicated column for dogs.

  • Patricia Marchetti
    April 3, 2012

    It was a fabulous event with a wealth of outstanding advice. I can hardly wait for the next one.

  • Tania YUki
    April 11, 2012

    Thanks Shirley for this terrific event recap! And thanks for attending :)

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