Yahoo’s New Homepage Design

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There has been a few versions of the new Yahoo Homepage designs circulating the net. TechCrunch talked about a version using large tiles similar to those live tiles found on Windows 8 design in early November. More recently, a version that is mobile-minded using responsive design with more pictures and fewer text links have been released for testing. According to All Things D, Yahoo was going to veer toward a “mobile first” sensibility.

Techno-Net was able to capture the latest design on video here:

The new Yahoo homepage launch date was originally speculated around mid December. There hasn’t been a new speculated launch date yet.

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  • Mortified
    December 27, 2012

    The new Yahoo home page can be compared the an afterbirth, the rubbish that was left behind. Its akin to the worst of the British tabloids,trivial. Bloody horoscope slap bang in the middle, weather forecast from wherever they decide you are. When you close the Tile you get an advertisement for facebook. I hope some tech savy whizz kid develops a firefox add on to disable it all. Its all designed so you have to log on to get any meaningful information, you can then be tracked and the info sold on to blast you with even more crappy advertising.

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